Arbouw Design builds and maintains custom websites for small businesses, churches, clubs, and organizations

With so many website companies out there, why is it so hard to find one you can trust to help you with your projects?  We believe that a face to face understanding of our client’s projects is crucial to delivering on expectations and we think that this can still be produced at a reasonable cost. Come in and talk to us and see if you agree.

We Design

We Design. We pride ourselves on creating products that not only have visual appeal but convey a message that connects with the intended audience. Your website is often the shop window into your brand and so it is imperative that it puts across the right message. Is it professional? Credible? Does it instil confidence in the viewer? These are all the things we consider with every new web design project. A responsive site will look good on all screen sizes whether it’s a 42″ plasma screen or an iPhone. View our work to see some examples of responsive design that we’ve created recently.

We Build

We Build. Arbouw Design specializes in Content Management Systems (CMS), especially WordPress and Divi.   We’re used to solving problems. We build things from the ground up that help solve your problems, and the best part? Our sites work!

WordPress Hosting.  Most of the time we just want to get up and running.  Can we afford to spend time worrying about downtime, outages, and compatibility issues? We’re guessing the answer is no, so we’ll try and make this simple; we provide secure, fast and reliable WordPress hosting. The end.


We Support

We Support. Designing and building a website is only the start of the journey.  When we build something we know we’ll be able to support it going forward. Content changes, technical tweaks, hosting, software updates, backups, security and performance monitoring or new functionality are some of the support services we offer.

Whether we’ve built your site or not we will be happy to talk to you about your requirements. Sadly, one of the common stories we hear is about how the people who built the website seemed to magically disappear after the last invoice was paid and now when changes are needed there’s no one who knows about the site.  With some clients, all we do is support their sites if and when they need it. If you want to know more about our services then get in touch.

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